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Based in Mission Viejo, California, the loan modification law firm CDA Law Center provides financial guidance to active members of the military, and for those service members deployed to a combat zone, we offer these services at a discount. Along with those serving in the Army, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, and Navy, CDA Law Center also assists reservists and guardsman summoned to active duty. Clients who lost family members in combat may be able to receive pro bono support from CDA Law Center, as they offer a limited number of pro-bono cases each year. The Service Members Civil Relief Act of 2003 allows CDA Law Center to obtain financial relief from mortgage lenders, such as lowering the interest rate to no greater than 6 percent annually during periods of active service, and protection from foreclosure on behalf of those in the military. Under federal law, the bank cannot foreclose on the property of a service member until 90 days after the termination of active duty unless it can prove that military service did not hinder their ability to pay.

Besides assisting those in the military, CDA Law Center also provides foreclosure avoidance guidance to civilians. The attorneys at CDA Law Center apply their knowledge of financial hardships as an explanation for lack of payment, thus delaying or preventing foreclosure altogether. CDA Law Center can assess clients' hardship caused by difficulties such as medical bills, unemployment, divorce, inability to handle a new mortgage payment, and death of a family member. Utilizing its employees’ skills in loan modification, CDA Law Center may be able to procure lower monthly payments, reduced interest rates, partial principal forgiveness or forebearance, and other methods that will ease the burden on the borrower. CDA Law Center also provides clients with its R.E.S.T. Report. Clients' loan modification approval often is determined by the secret Net Present Value (NPV) formula created by the U.S. Department of Treasury, and used by financial institutions throughout the country. The R.E.S.T. Report calculates consumers' Net Present Value, meaning whether the bank will make more money modifying the clients' loans or foreclosing on their homes, and whether they meet the requirements for a HAMP loan modification. California residents can call CDA Law Center for loan modification assistance at (949) 379-8008. For those individuals interested in determining the NPV of their loans to see if they qualify for a HAMP modification, CDA Law Center can help clients in all 50 states with a REST Report.