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Chr. Hansen GmbH

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We are a global supplier of bioscience based ingredients to the food, health and animal feed industries, with leading positions in the markets in which we operate. We produce cultures and dairy enzymes, probiotics and natural colors. Our market positions are built on our product innovation and applications, production processes, long-term customer relationships and intellectual property.

Our knowledge of bioscience and its applications within cultures and enzymes is our core competency and serves as the technical foundation for our products. This knowledge platform has enabled us to develop innovative products and applications and efficient solutions to address customer needs. We operate through the following three divisions, which operate globally and maintain synergies through the use of our common technology and sales platform:

- Cultures & Enzymes - We produce and sell innovative cultures, enzymes and probiotic products that help determine the taste, flavor, color, texture, safety, preservation, nutritional value and health benefits of a variety of consumer products in the food industry.

- Health & Nutrition - We produce and sell products for the dietary supplement, over-the-counter pharmaceutical, infant formula and animal feed industries. With the bioscientific knowledge generated in our Cultures & Enzymes division we develop products with a documented health effect for application in human and animal products.

- Colors & Blends - We provide natural color solutions to the food and beverage industries, as well as functional blends that improve the quality and taste in processed meats.

Chr. Hansen is a very special kind of company. Virtually unknown outside our specialised field, several hundred million people around the world enjoy our products every day in the foods they eat.

There’s a good chance that you had a bite of Chr. Hansen this morning. Perhaps you enjoyed deliciously creamy yoghurt, mouth-watering Italian style salami or a cheese with a distinct bite?

Ingredients with character:
Our natural ingredients are vital constituents of our customers' products - ingredients such as the coagulants and cultures that give cheeses their individual character. The range today is much broader than the dairy ingredients on which our business was founded more than 130 years ago.