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CMR & Associates:

CMR + PolicySmart has been helping business owners, HR Managers, CFOs, CPOs and CEOs since 1999. We help enhance internal strategic sourcing and procurement for mid-sized and large organizations globally. We collaborate with your internal team by offering access to a proprietary database (The CMR Database®) of over 12,000 domestic and international broker and vendor specialists in the Commercial and Group Benefit Insurance sectors along with the Retirement sector. We do not act as a broker nor do we sell products. Our compensation is derived by delivering improved quantitative and qualitative outcomes.

Our copyrighted digital platform (PolicySmart®) confidentially connects buyers to broker/vendor specialists via a back-ended computer designed system that so far has delivered over $120m in savings, often with improved plan design and service. Existing broker/vendors need not change to achieve success. Our database contains over 600,000 data points of comparative and matching characteristics in such areas as; industry specialty, employee group size, assets under management, fees, rates, limits, co-pays, contributions, basis points, noted accounts and other relevant matching criteria. Millions of existing client features are aggregated, compared, and distilled delivering deltas for the C-Suite.

This proven system provides any organization more inclusive market intelligence and helps them to be better equipped with new strategies and techniques to save valuable internal time and drive long-term operational improvement.