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codeflair - the software experts

We are the CQ5 / AEM experts

We at codeflair know the workings of Adobe CQ5/AEM: Components, Services, Selectors, Filters, Transformer Chains, whatever you like: we’ve been there and we’ve done that.

But we do more: we understand your business requirements and are able to architect the solution in CQ.

When it’s time to implement, we have the experience to lead a development team the agile way.

And when it’s implemented we love to train/teach you how to use it.


Adobe AEM /CQ5

Multiple years of experience and deep technical knowhow: codeflair makes your Adobe AEM /CQ project a success.

Mobile & Apps

Mobile websites and cross-platform app development: we love cutting edge technology

Software Architecture

10+ years of experience with enterprise software and software architecture help us implement or review your software architecture