About us

Since 2007 MatchPoint has evolved and become a leading application framework to build SharePoint solutions in less time. MatchPoint extends SharePoint functionality, drawing a connection between SharePoint out-of-the-box features and customer requirements. On top of that, our model-based approach allows placing SharePoint content into any business context. This considerably lowers integration and interface cost and minimizes management effort.

That is why Gartner has recognized MatchPoint with the "Cool Vendor 2010" award in content management for its innovative technology, being the first product providing a solution to a multitude of SharePoint challenges with a model-based approach.

Since March 2011 MatchPoint is being operated by Colygon AG, a spin-off of the of the Swiss SharePoint-specialist itsystems AG, with its business office in Basel, Switzerland. As a Microsoft Partner, Colygon AG follows Microsoft's strategic and architectural direction to ensure that MatchPoint and Microsoft products work in congruence, both today and in the future.