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ComfNet Solutions

About us

About ComfNet Solutions

ComfNet Solutions is an IT Solutions company that operates in Kiel, Germany. Our team is made up of young, passionate and experienced people. We explore how technology and services can help people and other companies to address their difficulties and challenges. We are focused on helping them to realize their potentials, objectives and visions by providing them the right resources at the right place and at the right time. We apply new thinking and views to make more sophisticated, significant and trusted practices with innovation and constantly enhancing the way our clients work. By assigning us as your Consultant, you will have the capacity to reach new clients in a financially savvy manner, as we have the contacts (Network) and we know the culture.


ComfNet Solutions is organized under three business sections:


·IT Solutions where we help companies in developing Websites, mobile applications and softwares.

·International Business Consulting where we help companies to develop and grow globally. We assist companies in India and Germany to expand their horizons.

·International Educational Consulting where we help Universities in creating associations and joint programs internationally and give assistance and guidance to the students with the aim of supporting their international goals and aspirations.


We listen, comprehend and help you in executing your business objectives. We offer services in developing your business or transforming an idea into a website or a mobile application. No matter what your needs are, what your financial plan is, you will definitely find the accurate customized solutions with ComfNet Solutions.



To enable companies with cost effective and innovative solutions because when they succeed we succeed. By satisfying clients’ expectations, we intend to create long term associations with them. Our intention is to give a simple, legitimate and flexible IT environment to inspire new technical ideas and development. We begin every day through client's perspective and end every day realizing that we have certainly contributed to the business needs of our clients. The skills and efficiency of our team guarantees that we provide a reliable and exceptionally responsible support to our clients.




Our vision is to be the game changer and help companies to develop and grow their business. We thrive to contribute outstanding value to Clients, Employees and society, establishing a satisfied long term associations. We intend to expand our business by providing IT Solutions and Business Consulting to the Clients, thus sustaining the client relationship and reach our goal with the good reputation.

Why choose us?


ComfNet deals with Education Consulting and International Business Consulting where we specialize in business expansion and new venture setups between India and Germany.

International Business Consulting

How many times do companies think that they want to grow and expand their business? Why not with ComfNet “grow and expand internationally?” Are you exploring the possibilities to enter one of the world’s largest markets? Do you want to sell yours products internationally? Do you want to manufacture or start a new venture in India or Germany?

If YES then you are at the right place.

Our International Business Consulting is committed to offer remarkably successful expert services to private companies and business organizations, supporting their endeavors to enter and advance in the world markets.

Let us be your business consultant in order to tackle the business challenges and we will work by your side and ensure your business interests. Your objectives and goals are ours, too.

No matter what opportunities you are chasing or problems you are facing, we at ComfNet offer you a complete package to meet your needs. Rather than providing advice we focus on providing RESULTS.

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