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Consalta Ltd.

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Consalta is an internationally renowned Cloud business enablement consultancy specialized in offering consulting services for IT providers.

Based in CEE and working in close partnerships with associated consultants in Denmark, US and SAR, we build our expertise on real life international know-how backed up by the latest industry insights and developments.

Consalta's vision is to enable our clients improve their competitiveness and performance.

We are an international renowned Software as a Service (SaaS) business enablement consultancy working in close partnership with SaaS-it consult, Denmark.

We consult all participants in the emerging SaaS eco-system from vendors, system integrators, independent software vendors (ISV) to hosting and service providers, distributors and resellers – on how to grow their business in emerging SaaS market.

Building on long-standing relationships with major industry players, we are uniquely positioned to help organizations develop highly profitable SaaS business models and markets – fast!

Consalta achieves this through bespoke mix of strategic, reference based, practical and operational consulting based on proven SaaS-it Evolution model™ and methodologies that allow all SaaS players maximise their SaaS business capabilities.

Our services are typically delivered through workshops, seminars, business planning, webinars, whitepapers and individual consultancy engagements in English, Slovenian, Croatian and Serbian language.

~Your success is our passion


Software as a Service business enablement consultancy, Cloud computing business enablement consultancy