Cosel Power Supplies

About us

Cosel is a manufacturer of AC/DC Power Supplies, DC-DC Converters & EMI Filters. We deliver high reliability, flexible and multifunction Power Supplies for various applications. Using advanced technology, we offer a range of standard products as well as a full customized design service to deliver you a complete solution that meets the demands of your application. Contact our team today to discuss your requirements. 


AC-DC Power Supplies: 
- Standard open frame and enclosed type power supplies 
- 3W - 12kW power range 
- Medical approved power supplies 
- PCB Mount power supplies 
- DIN Rail Mounted power supplies 
- Configurable/Multiple output power supplies 
- Product modifications upon request with low MOQ 
- High Power Front end power supplies 
- Value Add Solutions available 
- Solutions to offer standard convection, conduction or forced air cooling or a combination of cooling methods. 

DC-DC Converters: 
- Low power on board DC-DC Converters 
- High Power BRICK converters 
- High density & low profile options 
- Base plate cooled DC-DC Converters 
- Value Add Solutions available 
- Product modifications upon request with low MOQ 

EMI/EMC Filters: 
- Single Phase & Three Phase options 
- 1 stage & 2 stage filters 
- 3A - 600A rated current 
- DIN Rail mounting options 
- 10kHz - 1MHz frequency range 
- Ultra high attenuation options 

Company Features: 
- Established 1967 in Toyama, Japan 
- Turnover $220m+ 
- 200+ design engineers at Japanese HQ 
- Strong focus on product innovation, quality & reliability 
- Global support through approved distribution partners 
- Global sales & technical support 
- Technical design in support 
- Product Modifications upon request with low MOQ 
- Short lead times (average 4 weeks) 
- Sample stock available 
- Long Warranties (average 5 years)
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