About us

The mission of GmbH is to enable sustainable CO2 binding in the soil without having to rely on total herbicides such as glyphosate.

Mission Statement

·       A multi-functional, autonomously driving platform able to perform a number of different tasks in plant production (from seedbed preparation to harvest)

·       This platform can be equipped with different sensors and/agricultural tools to perform autonomously or semi-autonomously the requested tasks at a given time in the cropping cycle.

· envisage the creation of a fully integrated digital farming tool, rigorously  following a problem solving approach oriented by farmer’s needs allowing:

o   To implement an agricultural praxis based on the principles of Integrated Crop Protection

o   To automate common agronomic tasks to an extend that they will reduce the overall production costs per hectare

o   To implement the principles of conservation tillage in order to preserve soil structure and fertility and to re-establish agricultural soil as high volume CO2 sink.

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