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D&V Electronics

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DE:  "Testing the Future ®" und der lösung schwieriger probleme, D & V Electronics her ein pionier in der kontinuierlichen innovation, entwicklung und Integration von kundenspezifischen erprobung von technologien der automobilindustrie weltweit zu unterstützen.

By Testing The Future® and solving difficult customer problems, D&V Electronics has been a continuous pioneer in the innovation, development, and integration of customized testing technologies to support automotive industry worldwide.

Since its inception in 1997 supplying electrical/mechanical testing systems to the alternator and starter remanufacturing industry, D&V Electronics has grown its product line into numerous powertrain testing and component testing systems which are focused on supporting worldwide automotive technology leaders. D&V Electronics’ highly experienced engineers; researchers as well as unparalleled regional service providers, support testers in over 60 countries around the globe.