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direkt + online was founded in 2001 and is located in Munich, Germany. Our main focus is providing marketing and sales services to the pharmaceutical industry in Germany.

direkt + online is maintaining the most complete and up-to-date B2B database for Healthcare Professionals and Institutions in Germany including extensive additional information like hospital structures, cooperation's and networks. Backed by different information sources including pharmaceutical sales forces and important medical publications, but foremost by our specialized data service department, we are able to deliver the most accurate and sustainable information's to our clients.

Furthermore direkt + online delivers services in the following areas:

- direct marketing services (including production, printing, letter shop, response recognition etc.)
- software development and interfaces (e.g. specialized CRM software modules for the German market, master data Interfaces to different CRM systems)
- logistic services (including secondary repackaging and sample distribution)
- telemarketing services

Through our partner network we can deliver complete, optimized and integrated solutions for the vast majority of question arising in the pharmaceutical marketing- and sales processes.


Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Marketing, Printing, Addresspool, HCP Database, Logistics, Telemarketing, Software, CRM

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