DreamVision Universal Entertainment (Singapore) Pte Ltd

About us

DreamVision Universal Entertainment (Singapore) Pte Ltd aims to provide the global community with superior, pioneering and inventive filmed and multimedia entertainment products and services, through the preservation of the events and knowledge of the dramatic past, enlivening the dynamic events of the present, and exploring the imaginative possibilities of the future. DreamVision Universal Entertainment (Singapore) Pte Ltd continues to build upon established international partnerships with some of the world’s elite ‘information age’ technological and distribution leaders as a hallmark of its corporate global philosophy.

DreamVision Universal Entertainment Singapore's commercial and non-commercial activities are driven by the goal of excellence and guided by a strong code of ethics based upon a socially and legally acceptable 'system of correct moral values'. The company's philosophy is one of constantly maintaining a high degree 'appropriate conduct' by its Corporate Directors, Officers, Employees, Advisors, Contractors, and all others connected with the company in its relations with the global community.

DreamVision Universal Entertainment SA is the parent company of DreamVision Universal Entertainment (Singapore) Pte Ltd which was established in 2014. DreamVision Universal Entertainment SA was founded in 2010.

For further information please visit the 'Corporate' and 'Contact' pages on our Corporate Web Site: http://www.dvue.uk/ and our 'A Secret To Die For' Feature Film Web Site: http://www.astdf.com/.

Please also see the following company Social Media Internet sites:



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