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About Dualsystems Biotech

Dualsystems Biotech is a provider of proteomics services for industry and academia.  We identify the targets of your extracellular ligands using the ligand-receptor capture LRC-TriCEPS™ technology. During the interaction of your ligand of interest and its unknown targets and off-targets the cells are still alive and the unknown targets are in their natural microenvironment.

Moreover, with Flow-TriCEPS™ (Prestest TriCEPS™) we provide a tool to use in flow cytometry to identify the best binding conditions for your ligand of interest without the need of a detection antibody. Flow-TriCEPS can also be used in functional assays to test if a TriCEPS coupled ligand is functionally active. Flow TriCEPS couples the ligand by using primary amines (N-Term and Lysines) and since it contains a biotin, can be detected by a streptavidin fluorophore conjugate using flow cytometry.

  •     Established in 2000
  •     Facilities in Zurich, Switzerland
  •     Provider of target screening technologies
  •     Swiss Quality

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Flow TriCEPS Services/Kit and LRC-TriCEPS Services 

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