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e-profound GmbH

About us

e-profound is a community workplace for skilled professionals with backgrounds in finance, law, accounting, and consulting aiming to connect with clients in search of quality workers.  

Partnering with experts online is the modern and convenient way to find the best person for a range of specialised jobs. Post a project and get started on the path to completing your most complex and technical tasks with the help of a trained professional.

A New Way To Work: e-profound is reinventing the way we work by providing employers immediate access to a community of highly skilled workers who specialise in a variety of technical fields. From finance and legal issues to accounting and consulting, global enterprises and small businesses can connect with the most qualified professionals from anywhere in the world. 

The Best Of The Best: e-profound believes talent should be evaluated based on proficiency and proven skills rather than social connections or referrals. As a result, the proprietary rating system leverages performance data on actual projects to streamline the hiring process so it is accurate and reliable. Work samples and accredited diplomas are another facet incorporated into a professional’s profile to help demonstrate the qualifications that establish a quality worker.  

Stability You Can Trust: e-profound’s creators have been active in financial services and consulting industries for more than a decade and have come to value integrity and quality in all professional endeavours. e-profound represents the best of the developers’ year-long experience generating a platform to optimise the completion of technical projects across multiple industries.

e-profound GmbH | Geschäftsführer: Isidora Dekalo-Baron, Alexander Baron | Registergericht: Amtsgericht München, HRB 209728 | Firmensitz: Rottmannstraße 21, 80333 München
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