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Swiss company founded in 2002 in Fribourg, eb-Qual is specialized in two distinct areas which are the Information Security and the IT Network Automation.

The powerful experience of its founders in the IT field allows eb-Qual to distinguish himself as a uncommon partner today, using his high quality know-how upon a portfolio suited to all types of companies, from the mid-sized local companies to the big worlwide companies.

eb-Qual made significant projects in collaboration with the Swiss Top 100 enterprises as well as many international companies with headquarters located mostly in Switzerland. Active member and board supporter of the Swiss IPv6 Council for several years, eb-Qual reinforces its strategy in the field of new technologies.

Its headquarter in Givisiez (Fribourg) opens a wide geographic area and allows eb-Qual to offer its professional services in all language regions with a strong presence in the Geneva and Zurich district.