Edizioni LALBERO

About us

Founded in 2011 by Cristina Oliva-Klos, LALBERO (The Tree) is an independent publisher of books that supports both the personal and professional growth of people of all ages and walks of life, also in bilingual formats.

We aim at contributing to the profound change that is taking place in all areas of life and knowledge. A new vision of the world based on ethics, respect and cooperation is arising and it will be taking us beyond the current crises of values.

We believe in creativity in all areas of life whether it manifests itself artistically or scientifically. We, therefore, want to offer tools of appreciation for the work of all those who are contributing to making a change through solidarity, environmental harmony, awareness and universal love.

LALBERO takes its name from the most ancient living creature on Earth. It symbolically represents both our Divine and Human Self. We find balance when our roots are settled into Mother Earth and our branches can stretch towards the sky as we stand tall on a solid trunk. The tree reminds us that we are not separate from our divine aspect and innate talents. The difference usually is in how much we believe it to be true.

Our Mission is to publish books that help people find their place in the world. When we write we discover truths we then want to share with others hoping they will also experience similar inner changes or have one of those moments that puts them in touch with their passions giving them direction!

I love books. As a child before I could read, I would look at illustrations and make up stories. I loved how books smelled; I could spend hours on books immersed in a world of fantasy where anything was possible. Today I still believe it to be true.” Cristina Oliva-Klos

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