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Over the last years it becomes more and more clear that globalisation is affecting how we do business and in addition how we need languages in business. There are thousands of methods to learn and to teach languages at all levels. However, there does not seem to be a defined way to describe advanced level teaching, in particular for adult learning and for business or specialised learning. For example, advanced English, executive English, English for special purposes, Business English, Technical English are a few of the terms used.
Language Coaching is a way to describe advanced adult language learning, whereby hard principles of neuroscience together with coaching principles are transported into the language learning process to assist coaches to learn better, more efficiently and in a faster manner.
Is your language coach accredited?
Now for the first time ever, our team are the first ACCREDITED LANGUAGE COACHES IN THE WORLD.
Make sure your language coach is an accredited language coach or at least holds some “coaching” certification or qualification as well as the necessary language teaching qualifications and/or experience.

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