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About us

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We make services valuable 

We are requested when internal functions such as IT, HR, Finance or others fail to demonstrate the value for the money they spend. 

We enable internal functions of large international corporations to articulate which services they provide. We create transparency on costs, quality and quantities of these services and how they impact business outcomes of their customers. We bring service costs back on track where efficiency is low. We optimize service portfolios where business impact is low. Many of our clients use this transparency to answer complex questions like "what technology capabilities do we need in order to digitize our claims handling" or "what are the technology costs per product unit". It enables them to streamline their entire corporate value chain by optimizing demand and supply of services between internal functions. In short, we make services really valuable in the corporate value chain and therewith contribute to corporate strategy.  

Our experience in improving service value is unique 

We are trusted by senior executives at CFO, COO or CIO level of highly recognized corporations, simply because we have a long-term track record of delivering successful projects in that field. Our experience in improving service value is unique in the market which we are able to demonstrate from first contact to project finalization. 

Our methodology integrates perspectives of business and technology strategy, functional expertise, service design and analytics bringing together financial and operational data. 

We work strategically and implement pragmatically in close collaboration with our clients. It is important to us to carefully calibrate concepts and methodologies to be successful in our clients' process and cultural environment. We achieve this by working hand-in-hand with our clients through all project phases. In addition, we help to build skills with existing or new employees to ensure that our work leads to tangible, sustainable and repeatable results.

We at Ellix are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Please check out our privacy statement at http://ellix-tbm.com/data_protection_declaration.html. Any questions regarding our privacy policy should be sent by email to info@ellix-tbm.com.
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