About us

We have achieved our valued market position by hard work and by adhering to a solid Project Plan which has helped us create innovative spirit . Our Project Plan is one based on a sustainable development strategy and focuses on our team’s input in implementing the long-term objectives.

Our Company has established a basis for its future growth and is ready to play a leading role on the global stage, by tackling and facing the challenges of ensuring a competitive and sustainable supply of the products which we manufacture.

In ERVISA we are proud of the path we have taken working towards a mutually beneficial business future with our consumers and partners.

Food Packaging, BOPP film, co-extruded biaxially, Pvc shrink film, Polyolefin, Polyolefin shrink film, flexible packaging, Graphic arts lamination, Wet lamination, Thermal lamination, Digital lamination, Anti-fog, Flow pack, Thermal seal, Lamination.
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