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euTeXoo GmbH is a software and consulting company that operates at the boundary between engineering and computer science. We provide powerful, yet easy-to-use software solutions as well as consulting services for both, industry and academia.


Our name is based on the Greek word for "good" (eu) and on the Latin word for "weave" (texo), and these words exactly describe our mission: We want to interweave systems and people, and we want to provide solutions that are easy to use, are customized to your needs, and are integrated well with your infrastructure.

No matter if you are an industry leader, an engineer, a high-tech solution provider, or a research coordinator, we can provide what you need.


The euTeXoo team members are highly trained, interdisciplinary experts that are both, professional software developers and experienced engineers. We have many years of experience in high-tech industrial engineering projects with a variety of companies, academic research (> 60 published scientific papers), software engineering, and scientific management of international research projects. Our extensive networks in the international academic and industrial landscapes will help you to find the partners you are looking for.


Because of our experience, we understand what you need to solve your engineering challenges, and we know how to get there. And we know that our customers have very specific needs, so we follow a set of guidelines with the goal to match our work exactly to your requirements. We employ an agile development process to make sure that you get exactly what you need, we build software that we would (and you will) want to use, and we respond quickly to your requests.


In your business, you are faced with many complex challenges - mastering the software you use should not be one of them. Our software solutions are based on cutting-edge technologies while being easy to use and tailored to your needs. We offer:
In addition, we offer consulting services that will let you take advantage of our experience in the areas of IT infrastructure analysis and optimizationknowledge transfer, and research and scientific management.

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