About us

EVMC Capital Trust 1 is a Statutory Trust and a member of EVMC Group.

EVMC Group Specializes in Asset Management, Investment Management - PP, Currency Exchange, Project Finance, Securitisation of Assets, Commodities Finance & Trading and Credit Enhancements.

EVMC Group companies work with Major World Banks, Wall Street, European Capital Markets, International Insurance Organizations, and Major Pension Funds and dealing with all Bank Instruments (BG, CD, SBLC, MTN, BOND, A, AA, Rating) with a minimum of 500M.

EVMC manages financial assets and asset backed securities for Institutional clients.
Minimum amount accepted for management is 1 billion USD.

EVMC manages international currency exchanges for banks and Institutional clients.
Minimum amount accepted is 1.5 billion USD or equivalent amount in foreign currency. The procedure is normally swift to swift but in special cases a ledger to ledger transaction.

EVMC Group, purchases oil products (Commodities Trading: D2, D1, Rebco, JP54) for its existing client base.

As we are engaged with development projects in the petroleum industry i.e. refineries, pipelines, transport etc. discounted purchases allows the required cash flow to operate ongoing projects and allows for further development of the environment.

EVMC also manages large quantities of AU, both proprietary and for clients.
Additionally EVMC has direct holdings in several mines and is buying physical AU and/or AU backed instruments and Certificate of Deposits on behalf of selected clients i.e. commercial and central banks, following strictly FED procedures.