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FBBC - FehmarnBelt Business Council

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The Fehmarnbelt fixed link is to strengthen the axis of growth between the metropolitan areas of Copenhagen/Malmö and Hamburg/Lübeck. To support this process, the FehmarnBelt Business Council (FBBC) was established in Lübeck, Germany in 2007.

As an international consortium the FBBC plays a coordinating role and serves as a platform on which all interested in the project can coordinate their respective projects and participate in joint activities.

Representing about 350,000 companies through our members, the FBBC is truly "the voice of business" and is therefore the natural contact point for government and administration in cross border issues on the axis Hamburg-Lübeck-Copenhagen-Malmö. We work to influence political decision making by challenging the existing framework conditions for growth and development.

It is only with the early involvement of the business community that the Fehmarnbelt fixed link becomes a success from the very first day of opening.