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Über uns

Forexus, based in Switzerland, helps companies to solve the technical challenges in finding digital evidence. We focus on the technology and processes to achieve the most defensible, fastest and cost-effective manner possible. Ultimately, we assist our clients in addressing their litigation issues and finding the truth.

Forexus provides the following services on the Swiss and international market:
  • eDiscovery: Consulting, Managed Services, ESI processing, Hosted Review, Litigation Support Services
  • IT Forensics: Data Collection, Digital Forensics, Data Recovery, Cyber Security, Information Discovery
  • Data Analytics: Content/Text Mining, Concept Mapping/Clustering, Sampling, Aggregation
Our main clients are:
  • Law companies
  • Legal & Compliance offices
  • IT Security offices
The key differentiators in the marketplace include:
  • Speed to results
  • Focus on delivery
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Innovation