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FutureTV Group

Über uns

FutureTV is a prestigious modern media company that believes in the power of content-marketing and intelligent distribution to connect with global, passionate, curious audiences. Through our authoritative house of brands, commitment to developing standout technology, and high-quality advertising, we are shaping the future of entertainment.

Our Brands

Within a few years we created an impressive brand-portfolio of high-standard digital magazines, social fanpages, influencer and formats. Within these brands we cover a wide range of themes and offer a high-quality advertising surrounding.

Our Service

Our data-driven approach and a wide range of know-how in producing, distribution and adverstising is our way to build up brands. Not only for us but especially for our clients and partners.

Our Technology

From the very beginning, we have built brands on the foundation of standout technology. Starting with our platform »Brandwire« we have created unparalleled products that make everything easier, more beautiful, and give the strongest voices the tools they need to cover the topics they know and love. Our brand partners are able to leverage these same proprietary tools to create incredible custom solutions for their business.

The Future of Advertising is Native

People love content and hate advertising. Due to this fact we and leading industry-experts believe in the power of storytelling and in the importance of creating contents with impulse and relevance to get in touch with their audience and to build trust in their brands.


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