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Ginkgo Management Consulting

Über uns

Ginkgo Management Consulting is an independent, worldwide acting strategy consulting boutique.

We advise our clients about key questions around digitalization: CxOs are our partners in mastering their complex challenges and top priorities at the interface of business and IT, with end-to-end results from strategy to implementation.

Our commitment is to treat our clients' business as if it were our own – whilst we encourage every single employee to actively determine and shape Ginkgo’s future.

  • We operate in eclectic teams of experienced, quality-driven and customer-focused strategy consultants
  • We deliver our services, with end-to-end responsibility in increasingly complex IT and business environments – worldwide and across all industries
  • We foster our consultants’ professional skills and educational interests, promoting continuous learning and personal growth

Ginkgo was founded in 2006 by today's managing partners and nowadays has offices in Europe and Asia out of which hundreds of projects on all continents were delivered. Despite our strong growth in recent years, we hold true to our original culture: Encouraging every employee to actively shape Ginkgo’s future and continue to live the entrepreneurial  spirit that makes us unique.