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gloss postproduction GmbH

Über uns

Hamburg | Berlin | New York | Los Angeles

gloss does creative retouching
high end scans or data processing from raws into tiffs. all projects start with digitizing the images in order to have a solid foundation for creative retouching and complex compositing.

gloss does look development
not every campaign or editorial requires compositing, but all of them do need a unique look to marry the assets into a cohesive narrative. together with photographers and other creatives, Gloss helps create this unique look based on briefings and mood boards.

gloss does post on location
with offices in hamburg, berlin, new york, and los angeles, our presence is global. need us in tokyo, new zealand, or on a mountain top? no problem! all of our retouching stations are equipped to go on location. we can provide you with a full package of high end, calibrated workstations, color proofers, or film scanners.

gloss does CGI
our highly skilled CGI operators join forces with our discerning retouchers to develop photorealistic images that cannot be distinguished from reality.

gloss has client-focused servicing
we provide proactive consulting before, during, and after each project to produce consistently high quality results.

gloss has multi-disciplinary experience
our diverse team draws upon in-depth knowledge of every stage of the work process. from photo representation to color management, gloss is a vital tool for photographers, art/creative directors, reps, and