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Gustav Käser Training International

Über uns


Quality as our commitment.

The Swiss training company was founded by Gustav Käser, Dipl. Ing. ETH, in Zürich in 1963. Today, GUSTAV KÄSER TRAINING is represented worldwide in 30 countries and 23 languages, with about 100 full-time trainers.

Our first priority is the qualifications of each trainer. All are successful practitioners from management and sales who undergo at least 30 days of personal training each year, to ensure that they, as specialists in behavioural training, are able to meet the constantly changing and increasing challenges in this demanding field.

Training Philosophy

Your objective determines the way.

Positive change of behavioural strategies in management, sales and throughout the organisation, as a basis for long-term successful corporate strategy.

We start from a holistic picture of the human being so that participants develop themselves further in accordance with their inherent abilities and can make full use of their strengths for the good of the company.


Reaching strategic objectives ensures success.

  • • Assessment of the actual situation on the spot, with clear, shared definition of the objective
  • • Interactive training with training as moderators
  • • Intensive training in small groups
  • • Objective-oriented plans of action
  • • Sense of achievement by transfer into practice

Long-term monitoring and coaching
In order to change thinking, attitude and behaviour an extended period of time is needed. Therefore, the GUSTAV KÄSER method of interval, on-the-job training with specific, practice-related tasks is your guarantee for success.

Target Groups

Worldwide we are committed to more than 5000 companies in which we successfully train management at all levels, customer-oriented staff in sales, after-sales service and customer relations, as well as project teams, exhibition personnel, secretaries and specialists.