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hackvention - Rethink, Disrupt, Innovate

The only constant in life is CHANGE. We live in extremely exciting days, where disruptive technologies and digital business models transform the world we live in every day.

Our mission is to help using immersive technologies to solve real business issues: rethink, disrupt, innovate is the slogan of the Hackvention. Driven by this vision, we connect innovators, inventors, technology experts, soft- and hardware providers with industry professionals of partnering companies to innovate alongside each other: rethink traditional business models in the world’s leading startup and innovation hotspots during the Hackvention Experience Tours, generate disruptive ideas in the Hackvention AR/VR Lab and finally prototype future solutions for real business needs in multidisciplinary teams within the Hackvention AR/VR Hackathon.

The Hackvention Experience Tour: Rethink – Inspiration at the point of the future’s origin
Experience the vibe of the world’s leading technology & innovation hotspots and rethink the changes of the digital age within a guided tour to aspiring startups, fast growing companies and leading innovators in hotspots like Tel Aviv, Berlin, Shenzen, Silicon Valley and many more. Discover the latest technologies and radical innovation strategies and get access to international game changers in a relaxed environment at the final local Event.

The Hackvention AR/VR Lab: Innovate - Concept Design & Team Building
Guided by leading corporate innovation experts, startup mentors and product development strategists, you will transform real business needs into future concepts based on immersive technologies. Hand in hand with multidisciplinary development departments of leading industry professionals, creative minds and digital talents like coders, developers, designers and business strategists we systematically develop game-changing product ideas that serve real business needs of our corporate partners and create disruptive business concepts on the cutting edge of technology.
After the AR/VR lab is before the summit: The lab is just the starting point for the disruptive idea and the executing team. Constantly challenged and mentored between the creative lab and the summit by our product development experts and mentors, we prepare the teams with rapid prototyping essentials and product development knowledge for the final prototyping within the hackathon at the Hackvention AR/VR Hackathon.

The Hackvention AR/VR Hackathon: Develop your prototype
Experience new technologies that have the potential to dramatically change yourindustry and learn more about the use of innovative technology like AR, VR mixedreality, 360 content and immersive technology in the most important ecomony sectors at the Hackvention Hackathon. Transform the disruptive ideas generated at the AR/VR Lab into prototypes within the hackathon. Driven by the burning desire to innovate, diversely skilled teams consisting of the corporate partner’s development departments, coders, developers, designers, soft- and hardware providers as well as technology and product development experts create prototypes for game-changing applications.

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