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Hocoma AG

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About us
Hocoma is the leader in robotic rehabilitation therapy for neurological movement disorders. We are a globally active medical technology company based near Zurich, Switzerland. We develop innovative therapy solutions working closely with leading clinics and research centers. Our products are applied successfully in renowned clinics and research institutes worldwide in the field of rehabilitation medicine for:
- intensive locomotion therapy (Lokomat®, Andago®)
- functional therapy of the upper extremities (Armeo®)
- early rehabilitation and patient mobilization (Erigo®)
- functional movement therapy within low back pain treatment (Valedo®)

Our therapy solutions support the treatment of neurological patients with movement disorders caused by stroke, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy or other neurological diseases and injuries as well as low back pain patients.

Hocoma AG has set itself the objective of developing and manufacturing high-quality products. Therefore our products provide benefits for patients and therapists and they stand for safety and user-friendliness. Our product development builds on the current results of medical research. Our products fulfill the requirements of international norms and legislation in the field of medicine.

We offer our employees a modern and exciting working environment and contemporary working conditions. We support open communication, a lean hierarchy and employee participation. We demand willingness to work and independent thinking from all our employees.