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Input Consulting AG

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Our independent and owner-managed consulting firm for market-oriented business management operates in five consulting areas. Based on our expertise and long-term consulting experience, we develop practical solutions for the success of our clients’ business activities. Strategy Design is our approach to consulting, based on our core principles:
  1. Market orientation:  the dominant logic in all our consulting project is always the market.

  2. Co-creation:   no one knows its own business better as our clients themselves. Through co-creation and a workshop-based process we involve all relevant stakeholders.

  3. Tailor-made solutions: no company has the same starting position. Understanding this individuality of challenges and possibilities is one of the key success drivers of a consulting project.

  4. Cultural integrability: consulting is people business. Project success needs good teamwork with our clients. That is why we staff our projects very thoroughly.

  5. Professional excellence:  professionalism is more than just doing a good job. All our team members are consultants out of passion.

    In the light of increasing momentum and complexity, sequential project work reaches its limit. Therefore, strategy development has to be understood as an act of creativity, combining research, analysis, creation and implementation in an iterative, holistic way. This is exactly what Strategy Design is about. Together with our clients and partners we shape innovation in order to keep transformation processes on track.  

    Our consulting areas:

  1. Strategy: helping you to stay ahead of your competitors.

  2. Innovation: securing that innovation is a core element of your business activities

  3. Customer centricity: making your customers’  needs the starting point of your business activities.

  4.  Marketing: establishing effective and efficient marketing strategies, processes and  instruments.

  5. Pricing: reaching the outstanding potential of pricing to lever-up your EBIT.

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