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Internationalize! ( is a newly created startup “advancing international trade and communication through people all over the world”. Our business serves companies, organisations and private people from all over the world willing to venture or further expand their activities abroad. To this end, we provide a comprehensive package of solutions related to international marketing/trade, administration, translation and consulting.
We, for example, offer financially struggling, overworked or understaffed entities the possibility to take over operational tasks and/or full departments, like sales administration, order management, supply chain, import/export, logistics, accounts payable/receivable, customer service etc. for them to concentrate on more strategic goals, such as finding new clients and growing internationally or getting their cash flow right. 
As for private people, we mainly target those of us who are contemplating working or studying abroad, but do not know how to make their dreams come true. We can support them through advice or just simply make it happen while searching for a workplace and an accommodation in their ideal country, filling in the usual forms and organizing their move abroad. Maybe you just simply need an interculturally-savvy personal assistant to support you on a day-to-day basis? Whatever your need, just simply talk to us! We can, for sure, help you!
In the near future, we will offer language and literacy courses as well as our website in French and German. Just stay in touch!