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INTEWO | World Habitat Society GmbH

Über uns

Our world and the environment are changing rapidly. INTEWO is responding to the growing challenges; it provides impetus and innovative solutions in the areas of environment, tourism, education and sustainability.

The team at INTEWO is made up of from geographers, cartographers, geologists, ecologists, tourism professionals, computer scientists, journalists and other keen thinkers. All employees and partners of INTEWO are recognized specialists and have many years of international experience.

Our know-how, flexibility and motivation are essential for the successful implementation of ambitious projects and tasks.

The unique strengths of the recognized INTEWO specialists are documented in the successful implementation of various regional and international projects, extensive bibliographies and publications and through our regular participation in international conferences, symposia and exhibitions. The team at INTEWO is supported in its work by a global network of associated experts. (Impressum)