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Video and Audio Content Recognition Solutions "Turn Media Content into Data Insights"​

ivitec GmbH is a dynamic software company dedicated to analyzing, organizing, and simplifying the world of media content.

In 2016, after several profitable years, iPharro leader in the field of video recognition, a venture capital financed spin-off of the renowned Fraunhofer Organisation, inventors of MP3 and other disruptive technologies, became subject of a successful exit transaction of its long lasting Venture Capital Partner. All its video detection assets and the team were acquired by ivitec. The transaction was funded by a privately held consortium form the media industry, based on a strategic vision. 
Trusted by customers world wide, ivitec provides its market ready video fingerprinting and automatic content recognition (ACR) software solutions Made in Germany with ultra high accuracy and efficiency for Media Research, Realtime Interaction and the Media Industry. Get your data for your reporting and TV, Radio and Web analystics with unknown quality and efficiency.
The fully automated software utilizes ivitec's patent protected Adaptive Video Fingerprinting technology to immediately identify content by comparing it to a database of known references inside the MediaSeeker Core Platform. From every video portion, its own "fingerprint" is extracted, that is a set of unique, readily identifiable characteristics.
We offer the best and most flexible video fingerprinting and analysis software solution in the market. The solutions are robust, scalable systems, capable of recognizing video clips as they are broadcasted / uploaded / downloaded or within preexisting repositories of video content. Over the past years ivitec's software has analyzed over 100 Million hours of TV content at its customers.

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