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Jensen Localization S.L.

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Jensen Localization is a localization company with offices in Denmark, The Netherlands and Spain.

We help companies access international markets thanks to the localization of their products and websites. Our main languages include Danish, Dutch, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Italian, French, German, English and Portuguese, although we can offer other languages on demand thanks to our partners.

We are specialized in localization and translation of software, marketing, healthcare, legal, MT post editing and more. Some of the projects we work in include leading companies in the fields of IT, Telecommunications, Life Sciences and Automotive Industry, among others.

We also provide residents in the area with sworn translations for legal purposes.

We localize websites, software and hardware products, documentation (user manuals, instructions for use, help files), warranty and End User License Agreement documents, packaging, marketing collaterals, e-learning courses and many more.

Also, for marketing campaigns, we have a partner who provide us with professional transcreators who will make sure your marketing campaign is as fascinating as the original one.

Feel free to ask how we can help you to reach your target markets in their own language. You can find us here or you can access our website
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