About us

Our Mission

KCIG provides the mobility sector with top quality, innovative and people driven
engineering solutions. We believe in working closely with our customers,
supporting our employees while living and breathing the idea of “solutions without
compromise”. It is this approach to business that saves our customers time,              
develops rewarding relationships and makes the impossible possible.


Our aim is to continue extending our reach from predominately automotive drive
services towards total mobility solutions. Our long-term goal is to be regarded as
one of the leading providers of innovative engineering solutions across Europe.


KCIG is a people oriented company. We believe in developing high value long term relationships with our clients, our employees, our partners and the communities that we operate within.  

We also believe in the uncompromising delivery of solutions. We pride ourselves
on innovation, quality and flexibility. These values allow us to adapt and evolve our
services and products to meet ever changing customer needs.


  • KCIG is currently based in Germany, UK, Spain and Romania
  • KCIG’s client list includes world leading multinationals
  • The KCIG Group includes seven subdivisions and three partner organizations
  • Present in the automotive industry since 2007
  • Has a wealth of experience in Automotive Product Development
  • KCIG is a Top 100® innovation award winning company
  • We have a profit pledge and are committed to giving back to the community
  • KCIG is people oriented and customer focused

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