About us

Kea Company is a global advisory firm that delivers influencer relations and strategic guidance for vendors of high tech products and services. We have analysed, developed and defined best practices across mission-critical capabilities that every company needs to succeed in the market. We use our experienced industry insights - both as influencer relations professionals and IT analysts - to apply these proven practices to help our clients become leaders in their markets.

Headquartered in The Netherlands, Kea Company operates international subsidiaries in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States and is supported by an extensive network of international Kea Business Partners worldwide. With its Influencer Relations and Business Advisory Services Kea Company enables technology companies and technology investors in building, leveraging and executing the capabilities needed to succeed in the market. 

Kea Company's Business Consulting unit specializes in providing strategic and operational consulting and support to enable companies and executives to meet their business goals. By building a partnership with the client's management team, the Kea Consultants will bring valuable external insights into the company. Core areas of our services include: Management Consulting, Interim Management, Go-to-Market Consulting and Turnaround Management.


We want to make our expertise available to ambitious start-ups that have a killer solution but face the challenge that most external advice comes with great costs. We offer direct and affordable access to our experts. Talk to us about go-to-market strategies, managing your sales force or other topics that demand your attention. 

Kea Influencer Relations are designed to give technology vendors and technology service providers access to professional influencer marketing services in the areas of Analyst Relations, Public Relations and Social Media Marketing.

Analyst Relations

Analyst Relations is a Critical Capability for High-Tech and Telecom businesses that need to prove - and improve - credibility in the marketplace, recognise the power of analyst influence over buyer behaviour and require actionable insight in support of executive decision making.

Public Relations

Understanding your technology and target audience is the key to success in technology PR. We are 100% focused on PR for high-tech companies which ensures that you as our client will get access to the expertise needed to succeed in your business and your market.

Social Media

On the Web, content and authority are key. We help you establish your company as a thought-leader and position it effectively in all relevant social channels to make your company an information hub for your technology area.

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