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Leondrino Exchange Inc.

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Leondrino Exchange, Inc., a FinTech startup with its roots in Berlin/Germany, established a Delaware corporation with its office in New York in November 2014.

Leondrino Exchange is a Currency Management-as-a-Service (CMaaS) provider and offers a blockchain-based platform-cum-marketplace for organizations to issue their own private, branded currencies.

The company will complement the monetary system by introducing Leondrino: a new category of private branded currency, which is backed by the current and future business of global brands. Using the potential of latest Technologies of its ecosystem partners, Leondrino Exchange creates added value for global brands.

Leondrino are issued for each eligible brand and will be named after the associated brand. The supply of each currency is managed by Leondrino Algorithm in combination with a dedicated monetary board and based on a brand-specific monetary policy. The branded Leondrino will be used as a medium for exchange of goods and services and will be interchangeable with fiat currencies.

The goal of Leondrino Exchange is to become the most trusted issuer of private branded currencies.

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