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Local World Staffing

About us

Local World arose out of a simple, childhood thought:

"What if heroes were real?" 

Well to us, they are.  We’ve seen heroes with our own eyes. But in the global SAP market, they are hard to find - unless you know where to look. In an SAP project landscape dominated by the tight grip of a few, it is common to see the bottom line of others drive the course of a project – not yours. 

To us, real SAP heroes are not a commoditized good to use and throw away, but rather a rare instrument that let’s you realize your business needs. We have designed a pre-qualification process that drastically shortens the time between need and fulfillment, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – the success of your project. 

Imagine a world where you receive the talent you need on-demand and globally - Period. 

We’ve raised our expectations.  Isn’t it time you raised yours?

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