LPDG Lehmann + Pioneers Digital GmbH

About us


We believe in data as strategic asset as the main driver of the digital transformation. We are driven by our inspiration to lift the value of data by turning data into actionable insights.
As leader in the field of digital transformation the Minol-Zenner group founded the Lehmann + Pioneers Digital GmbH (LPDG) as consulting company.

Consulting is people-centric, we as LPDG are a group of experienced and innovative professionals. We strongly believe in trust, honesty and collaboration for delivering high quality.

We empower individuals and organizations for accurate and fast decision making by using actionable insights from data: 

      + we are experts in our fields

      + we are trusted advisors for Business Intelligence, Analytics and Big Data

      + we drive innovation in our services, solutions and our way of working

      + we apply agile delivery approaches to overcome uncertainty and complexity        

      + we deliver what we promise with our passion to build awesome solutions

LPDG is your partner providing consulting services for Business Intelligence and Analytics, Digital Transformation and System Integration. We deliver sustainable business solutions using insights derived from data:

      + Business Intelligence and Analytics Strategy and Governance

      + SAP Business Intelligence and Analytics

      + Big Data and Data Science

      + Project and Interim Management

Please contact us:

Matthias Hinkelmann (COO)

Phone: +49 (0)152 5796 4858

Email: matthias.hinkelmann@lpdg.io

Datenschutzhinweise: https://lpdg.io/datenschutzerklaerung/

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