About us

About me: In 2015 I established the mobile advertising agency "".
Until 2017 the main focus was on managing and administrating mobile advertising campaigns for affiliate companies and agency partners from all around the globe.
Since 2016 I've been working with the biggest mobile first DSPs out there.
Because of the fast growing demand in global mobile advertising the spanish DSP Mediasmart hired me as their Sales/Account Manager (DACH+) at the end of 2017; teamwork was very important for me while acquiring and managing clients from Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and The Netherlands.
In 2019 I've set my services a bit wider: I'm managing your international accounts on social media networks, your campaigns on a mobile first DSP and even your accounts or investments on a cfd/forex broker!
My agency was listed by Thalamus, the largest crowdsourced database for mobile advertisers around the globe, as one of the 'Most Active Media Companies' in the first half of 2016 and 2017.
Feel free to throw me a message if I got your attention!
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