About us is an agency for business development specialised to the IT industry. Founded in 2009 by Timo Kusian and located in Hamburg Germany, we offer our services to manufacturers of hardware components from overseas who don`t have branches in Europe. We take care of local sales, marketing and press activities through many partners focusing our home country and the German speaking regions but with certain outreach to several more European countries as well.

Our huge network of close Partners allows us to...

...get you connected to the right Partners and Customers, Distributions and B2C Accounts.  
...take care of all local Media Relations for your brand and products.
...arrange local ad campaigns and channel marketing programms.

Timo Kusian has been involved in marketing and sales in the IT industry since 1998 - working with distributors, manufacturers, etailers and retailers. His extensive hardware knowledge, market knowledge and industry contacts will enable him (and his team) to successfully represent your brand and products to many valuable partners.

Timo is also familiar with the Gaming Industry as a part of the IT sector as well. He arranged first cooperations between Manufacturers and Gaming Teams as a successful Tool within a Product Marketing Mix which have been very beneficial to both sides already in 2003. This makes him a Pioneer in nowadays extremely popular eSports Sponsorships for Hardware Brands.

Today is a Team of 9 People, who are all Experts in what they do.


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