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MarkTheGlobe, Inc.

Über uns

MarkTheGlobe is an innovative startup, which offers International Search Engine Optimization (“Global SEO”) for companies with multilingual websites.

In comparison to other SEO providers, MarkTheGlobe provides a scalable process with a high level of automation. This enables a transparent and a performance based pricing model. Payment is only required for search terms that have been successfully ranked in the top 10 results.

Online marketing is becoming increasingly more important in a variety of industries and a requirement to compete in global markets. Many companies know how to deal with SEO within their home country. However, global growth opportunities are ignored because of the complexity dealing managing multilingual SEO campaigns.

MarkTheGlobe has developed a sophisticated production system to automate and manage a large number of routine activities in SEO campaigns. This results in an attractive return on investment for our customers. Significant ranking improvements in international search engines are guaranteed.