About us is a free information portal devoted to anyone working in the sheet metal industry. The registration in our database is free of charge, that is for the machines listed in our product comparison, as well as for all company profiles. This way, ensures its independence, credibility and objectivity.

The comparative function of means of production is a powerful tool when planning extensive investments: it allows for direct contacting of the respective machine manufacturers after a detailed research of your individual requirements, especially concerning technical specs.

Furthermore, several thousands of ventures are listed in ourcompany register. This visibility facilitates business contacts. Using the client platforme "sheet-metal-subcontractors", Metal-Interface lives up to its name by being an interface between purchasers of sheet metal parts and subcontractors on the other hand. Subcontracting sheet metal assembly units has never been so easy!

At last, Metal-Interface unites the sheet metal industry across several countries with complementary services: news,adverts, job offers and knowledge sharing via a sheet metal wiki.

For all questions, do not hesitate to contact us:, the leading website created by and for professionals in the field of sheet metal forming, in collaboration with web communication experts - always at your service!

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