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At Michor Consulting our mission is to provide the highest quality services for our clients at the right time. The life science industry has, until recently, been characterised by rapid growth through the development of pharmaceutical blockbusters and/or innovation in medical technology. More recently growth via Mergers and acquisitions (M&As) has become commonplace. As the life science industry begins to mature however, companies strive to gain advantage over their competitors in an environment where the trend points to narrower product portfolios aligned against chronic disease markets, smaller numbers of innovative compounds and a proliferation of drugs offering only incremental improvements(1) in the face of escalating costs. In this fast moving environment, Life Cycle Management (LCM), compliance, portfolio management, and product and process integration related to post M&A activities are becoming a priority.

Regulatory strategy (first time right), regulatory compliance and life cycle management are of vital importance to a successful business. Proactively seeking regulatory compliance can save a company millions in the long term. Whether you are seeking advice in regulatory or quality issues from conception and planning the right regulatory strategy to the post market maintenance, Michor Consulting can help and support you. At Michor Consulting we believe in a cradle to grave approach.