About us

It is all about control in the plastics industry.
The shape and color of plastic products need to be exactly the same from the first part until the last. Our job is to ensure that the additive is dosed in a very accurate way for a stable production process, savings on additives and high quality end products. The unique Movacolor dosing principle ensures this. The modular concept of the Movacolor dosing units allows plastic producing companies to adjust or upgrade the unit at any time. We develop and produce dosing systems with the end user in mind and therefore the Movacolor units are easy to operate.

Adding color is a precise job that is of crucial importance in the whole process. Movacolor is the only company that is completely dedicated to the development and production of high quality dosing equipment for the plastics industry worldwide.

The Movacolor head office and factory are based in the Netherlands. With distributors in more than 120 countries Movacolor is represented worldwide and thus an answer to a question always nearby.
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