Mr. Schilling UG

About us

Mr. Schilling develops customised business solutions for managing and optimising data, workflows and staff management. Serving a wide range of clients from the film industry, the festival business and the art world, we offer specialised products for
  • Film festival & event managers
  • Sales agents & distributors
  • Art professionals
Mr. Schilling provides you with customised IT services as well as support, detailed tutorials and in-depth staff training.

As a full-service provider, Mr. Schilling combines extensive knowledge in festival and event organisation with staff management and process optimization support. Our professional and easy-to-use business solutions are safe and secure.

Mr. Schilling’s custom software allows for flexible integration of your company website, mobile apps and third party solutions such as accounting or project management tools. Tell us what you need and we will find a solution that fits your requirements.
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