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NAKAMA GERMANY is a premier provider of mid, senior-and board level executive search for digital & design leader!

Digital Transformation is without doubt the greatest force of change in today’s economy!
The continuing changes in the way businesses communicate and the speed of technological development combined with the demand for creative output across a wide range of various channels, means that our clients are constantly evolving. Across all industries digital innovation is giving rise to a sweeping range of new products, services, channels and capabilities. Consumers demand more and technology makes it possible for every organization to rethink how it adds value. No business is immune. It requires leadership from the board, the CEO and the digital experts who will execute strategy for digital transformation.

WHAT we do

NAKAMA GERMANY helps organizations find the board, CEO and digital & design experts they need to successfully navigate and master this digital challenge. NAKAMA GERMANY recruits specialists, managers and directors for digital industries and those businesses in transformation.



NA-KA-MA – The translation from Japanese centers around colleagues, friends, partners, and associates. It can also refer to a network, family or a group who have been together through thick and thin, the good times and the bad, and stayed loyal and faithful to each other.

Everything we do at NAKAMA GERMANY embraces this concept by centering around our core principle - PARTNERSHIPS.

We believe that by building and strengthening partnerships across clients, individuals and our business, we can provide the right service and solution based on quality, knowhow and trust.

Our aim is simple -
 to be the industry standard for quality 
of service, trust and results!



Our values help to form the behaviour and approach of our team and the way NAKAMA GERMANY delivers its services.


Flat hierarchies and close team work enable experience sharing and allow us to work efficiently on projects. We have high standards and believe that quality comes from qualification. Our industry expertise and our extensive network with pure-play digital companies and agencies gives us an in-depth understanding of the challenges that digital and non-digital companies face shaping their sector-specific businesses and digital transformation processes.