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Automate Your Network

Ocedo delivers the benefits of software defined networking to distributed enterprises.

Ocedo was born out of the frustration that networking has experienced limited innovation over the last 20 years. While the IT industry has enjoyed innovation such as virtualization in computing and storage, network administrators are still entering terminal commands, often sitting uncomfortably wherever the physical networking hardware happens to reside.

Advances in network security are focused on looking deeper and deeper into the packets, doubling down on the idea of a perimeter. Oddly, this is in a time when there is common understanding that mobility and cloud adoption are eliminating perimeters in corporate networks. New thinking and modern approaches are required.

The idea of a networking system that allows users and policies to be comfortably defined centrally through a cloud service, which then compiles the according device configurations, which are then remotely provisioned to fast and reliable hardware in the field, inspires the Ocedo team.

With over a decade of experience engineering networks for thousands of organizations around the globe, the Ocedo team is delivering the benefits of software defined networking to enterprise networks.