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Über uns

In 2000, our CEO Sofie started a robotic book scanning company that digitized over 1 billion pages from archives & libraries in more than 125 countries. In 2015 we founded omni:us, where access to parts of this vast amount of highly diverse documents should soon become our unfair advantage – with them we train superior neural networks capable of cognitively understanding unstructured documents to deliver enterprise value.

We’re focused on creating the most efficient document processing solution for a world where structured data can be directly leveraged to serve customers, create value, and improve quality of work – all without requiring time to master different layouts, structures, input formats or languages. To achieve this, we build cognitive, deep domain products that automate tedious human data extraction & classification tasks and allow a quick deployment of AI capabilities without the difficulty and delay of trying to build an internal AI expertise.

Enterprises around the world are using omni:us products to vanguard their digital transformations. We are building products towards future where unstructured data functions as an enabler, not a hurdle. A world in which humans can focus on high-value tasks, and industries can use data to reinvent themselves – to better fulfil their goals they have set out to excel at, and to deliver value to customers and the world around them.

We are authorities in artificial intelligence with access to cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise. We are a team of leading scientific engineers, academic AI pioneers, full stack experts led by serial entrepreneurs with strong business to business & corporate experience. Our investors & network combine deep technology, industry and solution expertise. Together we tackle the world’s biggest and most interesting challenges in dealing with digital documents with artificial intelligence to build products that address core AI needs of leading organization and reshape the future of work.