About us

PartnerWise is a UK and International search and interim recruitment firm proven at successfully representing a diverse range of clients across an expanding number of cultures. From the small and dynamic start up’s to some of the world largest brands and retailers. 

A specialist boutique that combines the traditional quality, in-house research and robust nature of executive search with the global knowledge and extensive candidate connectivity of our handpicked team. Our promise – to deliver high quality ‘exclusive’ candidates quickly. 

We have a narrow and deep approach to how we do business. Our core sectors are narrow: Our relationships deep: Our range global. 

In three years, we are proud to say we represent 28 clients and have placed over 200 candidates in the mid to senior/ executive level with national, multi-territory or global remits across 24 countries. 50% of such placements are within Continental Europe, 18% Asia, 8% South America, 4% North America and 20% UK. 

Our core business is within the fashion, denim, lifestyle, footwear, accessories, jewellery, sports, department store and international airport markets. Markets which we know well with many of the Partners coming from the industry and discipline they now recruit into. 

Commercially you will find us very agile, tailored and bespoke with a value for money approach and outstanding speed aligned to the challenging climate. However from what I am told, where PartnerWise differs most is in our brand fit, how we culturally align, how we adapt to both the business and culture of the country we are recruiting within, how we work together and how ultimately we represent you as a client. 

As a number of our testimonials suggests, we are mostly viewed as an extension of our client’s team. This is probably the core reason why those clients who experience our style, service and delivery once: seem to readily repeat.

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